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Lamisi Yerrow, Richard Bindifrim and SabineValentin have created and registered a new NGO in Ghana on 25.11.2016:

The Midnight Sun Foundation. The idea came to me, Sabine Valentin, when I traveled by bus two weeks ago from Accra to WaleWale. I came into the conversation with my seat neighbors and showed him our German flyer to explain where and how we support the Midnight Sun International School in Langbinsi. He also made the proposal to set up a donation account in Ghana. This conversation brought the stone into play. The bank in WaleWale (30 km away from Langbinsi) told us that we had to register the foundation in Tamale (200 km away from Langbinsi) before we can build a bank account.

In two weeks we receive the certificate and afterwards an account can be established. We also hope to find support for the Midnight Sun International School in Ghana.




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