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When Sabine - the founder of the association Midnightsun-school - reported that there is now the opportunity to take on sponsorships for pupils and scholarships for young teachers, we immediately decided to get involved financially. Compared to what Sabine did there - also through her personal presence - this is not really newsworthy. And yet perhaps that's why it's worth a report, because you can show how little money you can give children education. For 50 euros per month, 10 pupils can go to school. Actually, you do not have to think twice ....

Letter to our Godchildren in the Midnightsun-School in Langbisi from Karin and Ralf

Dear All,

since the beginning of this year Ralf and me we are very proud to be your godparents. We think that education is the most valuable thing people can have. A good education enables you to care for yourself and for your families when you became adults. Therefore we decided to support ten of you with a sponsorship. We hope that you enjoy your time in school and you all make a good progress in the different themes and things you learn at school. And we hope also, that you have a lot of fun with your classmates at school.

As Sabine is with you at the moment in Langbinsi we hope that she can bring our best wishes to you personally. We are looking forward to getting some information about your progress in Learning.

Best regards from Germany from Ralf and Karin

We were very excited about the idea of taking on scholarships for aspiring teachers, who not only receive teacher training but also teach at Midnightsun-school during the training period and afterwards.

 Letter to Godfred Bugri - one of the young adults who get a scholarship:

Dear Godfred,
We – Ralf and I – are very proud that we can help you to make your dream happen to become a teacher. From my point of view it is really rewarding to teach children and see them growing up. Therefore I fully understand your dream and we are very happy that you was successful with your entrance exam in the university of cape cost. As Sabine told me you teach already at school and you go to university at the Weekend. I hope you enjoy your time as a teacher and as a student and you manage to do both in a successful way. I would be glad to hear once a year from you (via Sabine) about your progress at university. Sabine give me sometimes updates about the development of the midnightschool in Langbinsi. I am really proud to know her, because she is very passionate in what she is doing there . So you could be really happy that she “found your school” and supports it.

Best regards

Karin and Ralf

Daase, is the second person who is getting a scholarship of a basic education at the University of Cape coast as a weekend course. She is at the Midnight Sun International school for five years.







 We would be happy if there are many more supporters for the project. What Sabine Valentin has set up there, deserves our utmost respect. Making a donation is easy. To be there and to be a co-initiator in the development or expansion of a school is not commonplace and very special.

Thank you Sabine!
Karin and Ralf





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