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There are many ways to support the association and Midnight Sun International School. If you are unable or not willing to donate money yourself, we would be pleased about your support as a fundraiser. Maybe you think about working as a volunteer at the school?  


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We use your donation  

KindergartenkindFor orphans or children from poor families who cannot afford the tuition fees and the school materials. 60 euros per year are sufficient to pay the tuition fee as well as two school uniforms, books for each academic subject, copies for exams, a grade booklet (a sort of school report booklet), a ruler and a rubber for one child.    





Üben ohne SchulheftFor the purchase of textbooks. One book costs two euros. Twelve euros are needed for all subjects in one year. Learning to read without one's own book is very difficult.







Buntstifte Freude an der AuswahlFor the purchase of exercise books and pens/pencils for the students. 1,000 pencils cost five euros. Each child needs at least one exercise book. 




Junge mit LinealFor the purchase of rulers. Ten rulers can be bought for two euros. Imagine math class without a ruler!





VorschuleFor the equipment of the classrooms with blackboards, tables, chairs, desks and cabinets. At the moment, we need 50 new desks. One desk costs 15 euros








ToilettenFor the upgrade and extension of the school building and the pertaining facilities. Many materials, such as cement and wood, need to be transported to Langbinsi over long distances. In addition, the material costs have increased considerably during the past years.
It would also be important to cover the floors with concrete and to install windows. Doors for the classrooms would also be advantageous to leave certain things in the rooms. In addition, the pit latrine and the urinal should be replaced with toilets. 

SolarstromFor the installation of a solar energy system to be able to use computers and photocopying machines. We are currently talking to another NGO that has the mission to equip schools in rural areas with IT equipment. However, this is useless for the school as long as there is no electricity. As the school is located in the outskirts of Langbinsi. It is not yet connected to the power supply grid.







Active supporT

Ghana 2014 802Helping hands are always welcome. You can work at the kindergarten or as a teacher for grades 1 - 5 at the school. You can support the extension of the school, help as a facility manager, build or repair desks and shelves. You can refit school uniforms and help in the kitchen. 

You should stay at least four weeks. You will be picked up at the airport in Accra and travel to Walewale (approx. 30 km away from Langbinsi) by bus. There, someone will pick you up with a vehicle. Besides the expenses for your flight, you will only pay for your accommodation and food. Therefore, you will need about 200 euros for four weeks. 






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