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The sponsoring society of Midnight Sun International School was founded by Sabine Valentin together with seven founding members from among her friends and family. There are no membership fees. 

The articles of association of the sponsoring society were established on 01-06-2013 and registered at the German registry of associations on 13-03-2014 with the number VR 205301. The sponsoring society is authorized to issue donation receipts for donors in accordance with the officially required form.  


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Sabine Valentin, born in 1972, was in Langbinsi from December 2011 to February 2012 to raise awareness about sexually transmitted diseases at the local outpatient clinic. She is a medical representative in the field of HIV and hepatitis C, business administration graduate and psychological consultant. During her time as a volunteer, she lived with the founders of the school: Lamisi Yerrow and her husband Richard Bindifrim who started building Midnight Sun International School in 2013. Sabine Valentin has stayed in touch with the family and decided to support the school. On the occasion of her father's 70th birthday, she founded the sponsoring society of Midnight Sun International School Langbinsi.


Vice President

Marion Schlösser Stellvertretende Vorsitzende

Marion Schlösser, born in 1975, is Sabine Valentin's sister. She studied nursing management in Würzburg, completed internships at different social institutions, also in Tanzania. The mother of two has several years of leadership experience of social institutions for the elderly. She supports the sponsoring society because she is enthusiastic about the great progress that can be made for the benefit of the children in a relatively short time and with very limited resources.




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