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The Munich International Women’s Club is delighted to welcome Sabine Valentin, as speaker for our May 11th meeting. Sabine will speak about “Improving Lives Through Education and Health Development Work in Ghana” and the school she assisted in founding there, “Midnight Sun International School e.V”.

Sabine volunteered in an AIDS prevention project in Langbinsi, Northern Ghana from December 2011 to February 2012, to raise awareness about sexually transmitted diseases at the local outpatient clinic. Her hosts at that time, Richard Bindifrim and his wife Lamisi Yarrow, planned the establishment of a kindergarten and school where the children would learn English in their early years. This is important as classes at all secondary schools in Ghana, are held in English. In 2012 Sabine founded the “Midnight Sun International School e.V” in Langbinsi and today it has nine classrooms and 500 children in attendance.

Sabine’s love for traveling in Africa has provided her with special insight into the culture and societies there which she looks forward to sharing with us. In this presentation you´ll learn more about Ghana, life in an African village, health, education and social engagement. In addition to Ghana, her travels, thirst for adventure and love of the outdoors have included Tanzania where she summited Kilimanjaro, Safaris and South Africa She is very active and loves being out in nature, spending most of her free time in the Alps, summer or winter! 

Sabine is German and has called Munich home since 2006. For the past seven years, she has worked at a pharmaceutical company focusing on HIV where she is currently their Business Manager for Germany. She graduated with a degree in Business Administration and has additional education as a psychological consultant in personal training and coaching.




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