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THANK YOU to WSP Ingenieure Würzburg

Thanks to the Christmas donation from WSP engineers from Würzburg in 2014/2015. The roof for a new building with two very large further classrooms and the apartment of the school management could be covered before the rainy season in April 2015 started. A classroom has been in use for junior high school (7. class) since  2016. In addition, this room also serves for the execution of the weekly knowledge quizzes sixth class against seventh class. Here are the students of three classes in the room (see picture) The second room will be f the IT space of the schoolf rom December 2016 . In the wet season classes were held for the lower classes in this building with a beautiful roof.
The children from Langbinsi warmly thank for the great support of the especially with the managing directors Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Hümmert and Dipl.-Ing. Marc Schellmann for the fact that they were allowed to go to school during the rainy season.




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