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Brigitte Schau Ghana 2014

My name is Brigitte Schraut. I am 48 years old and I had the chance to stay at the family Bindifrim with Sabine und Jonas in Langbinsi So I have realized a long cherished dream.

Inspired by the stories and letters of my grandaunt who had been working as a nun in Zimbabwe for several years, I always wanted to get to know the "real" life in Africa. When Sabine told me about a possible trip to Langbinsi at a class meeting, my decision was quick to accompany her.

Due to the very open and friendly nature of our guest family, we have arrived quickly. Our first route took us to school. It was Sunday and everything was empty and deserted so that we had the possibilities to explore everything exactly and had to find out in amazement what has already done in the 2 years since they start of construction.

On Monday the school began. After hesitant observations on the part of the children but also of us, we quickly approached each other and were greeted always and everywhere friendly with "hello munzinga (white woman), how are you". It only took 1-2 days and the whole village knew we were there.
The basic equipment of a schoolchild consists of 1 booklet and 1 pencil. It was great to see the happiness of the children about the coloured pencils, water colours. They were very enthusiastic to paint pictures. So we brought more colour into the life of the children.

The children sat on school benches, which were connected to the tables. From the stories of my father as well as from old school buildings, these were very well known to me. Also, I often had to recall my father's school enumerations and noted many similarities with the school life here in Langbinsi.
Although I do not have much experience with children, I felt very comfortable in the school and in the circle of the many children. I was very enthusiastic about the kindergarten where the children sang the whole day and learned the English language playfully.

For me, too, it was a whole new experience to achieve very much with very little tools. This was shown during the lessons, but also during the construction of the wall, which we have pulled around the school grounds. Only with a shovel and handwork was the concrete mixed, even stones produced and a wall built. Everything without electricity and machine aid. This was physically demanding, a bit lengthy but very interesting, that one can also come without great aids.

That is for me also the conclusion of this stay in Ghana: This trip has taught me how unimportant things are, and that it is very important to give the children a chance to develop themselves to lead an independent and good life in Ghana. This can only be done with a good school education and we can support this with low resources and personal commitment.

I will be think often to these 4 weeks in Ghana and I am delighted to be able to make this experience.




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