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My name ist Ida Johansson Ringvold and my latest visit to Langbinsi were in march 2016.

Midnight Sun International school did not exist during my previous visit in 2012. The building had begun but only some bricks were settled at the school area. I was very excited to come back and see what had happen to the school. It looked great, but it's still in need some upgrades.By selling spices at home I had gathered money from friends and family, but I did not really know what to spend the money on.Many of the desks in the classrooms were falling apart mainly because the floor was only dust and sand.

I talked to the head master and my host family and together we decided to buy new desks.A welder used three weeks to make 80 desks in metal to make them last longer than the once made from wood.We bought concrete and plastered the walls and floor in the three outdoor classrooms, making them better to stay in.The teachers wanted quality chalk and we bought 60 packets to them.

I brought footballs for the students but they broke fast and their great wish was to have football jerseys.With the last money we bought 32 jerseys, shorts and 7 footballs - they were so happy. By spending a small amount of money in Ghana you can get a lot and it feels great to see the changes .




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