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On the 25th of November the post appeared: Sponsorships for school children in Ghana for 5 euros a month. Already during my stay in Ghana there were quite spontaneous sponsors. In the meantime more than 20 children have a sponsorship. The sponsorship also includes two school uniforms per year.

Here you see the first cloth purchase for the uniforms. The tailors on the spot sew the clothing for the children. Mathilda was the first girl with a godmother. Here you can see her with her new school clothes for the year 2017. In the last quarter, 125 parents could not pay the school fee - so there is still need for godparents. ... And you see: Your donation arrives in Ghana. Share this as well in your circle of friends and acquaintances.

Here again our account data. Commerzbank, DE48700800000661160600, DRESDEFF700 img 3171img 3167




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