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Support of Midnight Sun international School in Langbinsi, Ghana in the Covid-19 pandemic for masks, hand disinfection, thermometers and food for school meals. Every donation arrives directly on site!

Compared to Europe, Ghana has relatively few cases of COVID-19 infections so far. The government took measures early in March 2020 to stem the spread of the pandemic. This included equipping laboratories and setting up quarantine and isolation stations. Ghana had already significantly increased its hospital capacities in previous years. Nevertheless, a nationwide supply is not guaranteed, especially in rural areas. In total, Ghana has an estimated 200 intensive care beds for around 30 million inhabitants. In the event of a major outbreak, the hospitals are likely to be quickly overwhelmed.
Laboratories are located in the large cities of Accra, Kumasi and Tamale. In each region, there are crisis teams that deal with the management of suspected outbreaks. As soon as school starts again in September, we will need two pistol thermometers. One costs 300 euros.

My sister Marion Schlösser sewed masks for friends and acquaintances in return for a donation to the Midnight Sun School support association. These donations will now be used to produce masks for our students locally in Ghana. One mask per child costs one Euro. Thank you very much for the support of Loni from Lower Franconia, Rosi from Munich, Michael from Munich, Angelika from Düsseldorf, my sister's neighbors, the WSP engineers from Würzburg, Angelika from Neuss and Sofia from Munich for this project.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Stay healthy! Your Sabine.

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