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Here are a few lines from his invitation:

„What kind of present for Ralf? I don’t like presents? Instead, I would like that you support with your money the enclosed school project of a friend of mine.
Sabine will also be there and is able to answer all your questions. We will have a donation drum on the bar .... "

It was a great party and the huge sum of 2.250 euros were donated. In August 2015 donkeys still lived in the third building of the school. It is impressive what happened with your help. Many thanks to all who have supported us so generously at Ralf's birthday party. Ralf it is a birthday present. Pictures say more than words - see yourself. On of the guests was Uwe Klick, the managing director of the CONTEAM Group. He asked me whether we needed well-functioning used computers. I told him that we have no electricity and no room to lock. But clearly, yes, we would like computers. On my last stay in August 2014, this was the main wish of the headmaster to get a computer for the teachers. I report here separately about the donation of 18 computers, IT lab, which will be opened next week.

By Ralf's donation, the 3rd construction section - up to the roof (donation by WSP Ingenieure, Würzburg) was completed. There is also the lockable computer room, a large classroom for the new junior high school, which also serves as a meeting room and the apartment of the school management. Karin G., the wife of Ralf has already supported us several times. By their donation the iron gates could be bought - so the terrain is now also not accessible to animals and other uninvited guests at night.

I've been back in Langbinsi since 14.11 and will be reporting on how it's going to be at Midnight Sun International School. We plan sponsorship for children whose parents can not pay the school fee and for young people with high school graduation a education as a teacher. In return they have to work for five years as a teacher in the rual village of Langbinsi. In addition we need three more classrooms. There is still much to do. We are glad about the help you have already made and are grateful for further support.




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