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Association of the Midnight Sun International School Langbinsi e.V.

Großhesseloher Str. 19
81479 München

Activity report 2014 of the Association of the Midnight Sun International School Langbinsi e.V.

richard bindifrim
ign of the midnight sun school

Vorderansicht Midniht Sun International School Langbinsi
Front view of Midnight Sun School. The wall around the school building was completed in 2014.

Dachkonstruktion als Klassenzimmer
Roof construction as a classroom - use only possible in dry time!

The Foundation of the Midnight Sun International School was founded on 1 June 2013 in Sulzdorf near Giebelstadt. The Board consists of the first chairman Sabine Valentin and the second chairman Marion Schlösser.

These are the seven founding members: Irmgard Valentin, Hugo Valentin, Marion Schlösser, Jürgen Schlösser, Alfred Steimer, Apolonia Steimer and Sabine Valentin

The association was registered on 14.03.2014 in the association register under the registration number VR205301 with the business address in the Großhesseloher Str. 19, c / o Valentin Sabine, 81479 Munich. At the Annual General Meeting on August 24, In 2014 the name change of the association with the addition "International" was decided. In addition the association purpose was supplemented.

The purpose of the association is the promotion of education through the ideal and financial support of Midnight Sun International School, Box 79, Walewale, Ghana.

The school was founded in 2012 by Richard Bindifrim and Lamisi Yerrow to ensure a basic education of the children of the rural community Langbinsi / North Ghana. It includes a kindergarten and a primary school. The goal is, among other things, to ensure that the Midnight Sun School teaches children between 2 and 13 years to learn to use each other at the early stage of development, in particular to learn English. This is of great importance since the transition to a secondary school (secondary school or university) is only possible with English. At the moment 250 students of 6 teachers are taught in 5 classrooms.

In close co-operation with the founders of the school it was worked out that the school can also be funded by better supporting the children's schoolchildren. At the moment, 11 orphans are at school. The children are housed in nursing homes. There the health care of the children usually works badly. It is planned to build an orphanage on the grounds of the school. The school fee of the children's children must also be financed through donations.

The association pursues exclusively and directly non - profit purposes within the meaning of the section "tax - privileged purposes" of the duties regulation (§ 58 No. 1 AO), by means of the procurement of funds and donations (in competitions, events, trade fairs and direct addressing of companies and companies) Persons) the implementation of publicity work and advertising of all kinds for the association.

The association is selflessly active; It does not pursue primarily economic purposes. Means of the association may only be used for the purposes of the statutes. The members do not receive payments from the association. No person may be affected by expenses which are foreign to the purpose of the corporation or which are favored by disproportionate remuneration.

The association is politically and denominationally neutral. The association offices are honorary offices.

Mr Richard Bindifrim is acting as a responsible and accountable assistant in the sense of § 57 paragraph 1 sentence 2 AO for the association. The use of the funds as intended. Mr. Richard Bindifrim has signed a contract, which was concluded in Ghana in July 2014. Mr. Richard Bindifrim is bound by the sponsorship association for general or general instructions on the use of the donations of the sponsoring association of the Midnight Sun School. The resources of the Midnight Sun School may only be used exclusively for the school.

Mr Richard Bindifrim must, at the request of the Association, provide information on the use of funds. Reporting must be based on the principles of conscientious and faithful accounting. The donations received are acknowledged by Mr. Richard Bindifrim and their use is indicated on the receipt.

Mr Hubert Schewe and Mrs Brigitte Schraut, Werler Str. 33b from 58706 Menden were admitted as members at the Annual General Meeting. Ms Brigitte Schraut was a volunteer in Langbinsi, Ghana in July / August 2014.

The association was reintroduced into the association register on 21 November 2014 with the amendments to the statutes.

On 08.12.2014, the Finanzamt München, Department of Corporations, issued the decision pursuant to § 60a para. 1 AO on the separate determination of compliance with the statutory requirements pursuant to sections 51, 59, 60 and 61 of the German AO Act. The tax number of the association is 143/214/62058.

In 2014, 6,100 euros were generated for the Midnight Sun International School in Langbinsi, Ghana. 4,800 euros were handed over to Ghana in 2014 (including January 2015) or handed over directly.

The expenses of the sponsoring association amounted to 1,300 euros.

These are broken down as follows:

Notary and registration of the association 200 euros

Provider Internet 150 Euro

Postage 60 euros

Meeting on the Internet appearance 50 Euro

English used children's books 30 Euro

Printing and creation Flyer 530 euros

Stamp and stamped pillow 40 Euro

Account management, transfers abroad 210 Euro

Download song for youtube 30 Euro

For what was the financial support given on the ground:



Two metal gates and brackets

Roof for new classrooms (roofing, timber construction and wages)

Wood for benches for kindergarten

School uniforms for children without children

Two polytanks for water

Corner pillars and columns for the wall built around the school

Tool (hammer, planer, saw) to create a shelf of benches


Flooring for three classrooms

Color for shelf and benches

From 23.07 to 18.08, Sabine Valentin was on hand with two volunteers from Germany. Jonas Müller and Brigitte Schraut.

In July 2014, Jonas Müller started a very successful call for material and financial donations in his real school in Arnstein. On the spot, he produced stones for the wall around the school, built a brick wall, built a shelf for the schoolbooks and brought in donations in kind, made benches for the kindergarten and repaired school benches and tables.

Brigitte Schraut has also worked handcrafted, has done office work at school and has been tackling wherever help was needed. Here are a few pictures of the work in Langbinsi for the Midnight Sun International School.

Neue Baenke und Mauersteine
new benches for the kindergarten and production of new stones for the school wall

Neue Tore Schulmauer und LeoClub Spende Brunnen
Two new iron gates for the school wall donation over 150 euros from the Leo Club for a well.

Jonas beim Mauern

Polytanks Wasser
two pollytanks for the school

spendenuebergabe schreibmaterial
Donation on the spot of money donations and donations (pens, books, rulers, balls, jump rope,

School uniform of Midnight Sun School

neues Regal

In the 2014/2015 school year, 275 children in kindergartens between the ages of two and six years and 254 elementary schoolchildren in grades one to five are taught by nine teachers and educators.


2015 and Future Perspective:

At the beginning of 2015 further classrooms were built with donations from the sponsoring association and completed in the first quarter so far that classes could take place during the rainy season.

The next project is to connect the school to the power supply. A new classroom which is to be used as a computer room is planned.

In 2015, the Midnight Sun International School Langbinsi e.V. was able to go online - Here the school's news should be accessible to all supporters. On youtube 2015 a video to the school has been published.

In March / April 2016 voluntary helpers of the sponsoring association will fly again to Langbinsi, Ghana to assess the progress, bring in donations in kind and discuss and initiate the next actions.

The children of Midnight Sun International School would like to thank all the supporters!





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