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Sabine ValentinOur association was founded by Sabine Valentin after she had spent nine weeks as a volunteer at an AIDS prevention project in Langbinsi in Northern Ghana from December 2011 to February 2012. report volunteer work Sabine Valentin www.umdiewelt.dereport HIV and more - volunteer work Sabine Valentin  



Ehepaar BindifrimIn 2012, her hosts, Richard Bindifrim and his wife Lamisi Yerrow, planned the establishment of a kindergarten and a school where the children would already learn English in their kindergarten years. Being able to speak English is important as classes at all secondary schools in Ghana are held in English.

Today, the school has ten classrooms. During the academic year of 2016/17, 191 children aged between two and six years attend kindergarten, and 193 elementary school students are taught by 15 teachers and childcare specialists. Three new classrooms are under construction. 

Richard Bindifrim, Lamisi Yerrow and the people in Langbinsi have achieved great results in the past years, and a lot more is ahead of them. There are many ways to help children in Ghana/Langbinsi on their way to a prosperous future based on high-quality schooling.




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